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Fox Predator – Rotary Uptrace Kit

We appreciate many anglers prefer to tie their own traces and that also applies to their uptraces Our kit provides

PikePro – Bait Flags

Bait Flags are a must-have product for every pike angler, providing a secure way of holding baits onto treble hooks

PikePro – Front Rod Rest

The ultimate front rest for the predator angler, offering incredible strength, stability and free line movement Essential when fishing big

PikePro – Hook Covers

Made from a pliable rubber compound, the hook covers are designed to fit over treble hooks from size 8 to

PikePro – Shrink Tube

Use PikePro Shrink Tube to create a neat tangle-resistant cover over swivels, crimps and treble hooks, neating up traces for

Fox Predator – Floats Stops

Designed to give superior grip on braided and mono lines as a result of the increased surface contact area An

Fox Predator – Knot Buffer Beads

Designed to accept our size 7 swivel These profiled beads create the perfect stop for our run rings on resistance

Fox Predator – Ledger Stems

Designed for ledgering situations where weed and other bottom debris can be a problem Rather than fitted with a plastic

Fox Predator – Run Rings & Buffer Beads

These offer minimal resistance to predators when ledgering This dramatically reduces the number of dropped runs and converts more pick-ups

Fox Predator – Safety Sleeves

When making up your own traces, these sleeves are ideal for covering the joint between the clip and swivel to

Fox Predator – Trace Crimp Covers

These tapered rubber sleeves are designed to provide a neat finish and to protect the crimp when making your own

Fox Predator – Treble Hook Sleeves

Treble Hook Covers have been designed to provide a neat finish and protect the wire when making your own traces