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Fox Predator – Bait Poppers

Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing over weed Their bright

Fox Predator – Deadbait Oil Kit & Air Kit

Injecting deadbaits with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the bottom, above

PikePro – Bait Flipper

The Bait Flipper is such as simple idea, yet it has caught us a lot of extra fish, thanks to

PikePro – Bait Poppers Red

To get just the right level of buoyancy that you need means using the right size of Bait Popper With

PikePro – Deadbait Sticks

A great way to create a wafter or popped-up deadbait Simply insert the Deadbait Stick into a defrosted deadbait and

PikePro – Oil & Air Kit

A handy kit that is an essential tool for every deadbaiter The high capacity syringe is supplied with two needles,

PikePro – Oil Sponges

Spare Oil Sponges for the Pike Bomber This has been specifically designed to hold winterised fish oil giving a sustained

PikePro – Pike Bomber

The Pike Bomber has been developed over several years to allow the angler to create maximum attraction close to their

PikePro – Pike Bomber Weights

Spare 1/2oz weights for the Pike Bomber

Fox Predator – Kebab & Bait Popper Kit

Use this kit to make your own bottom or popped up kebab baits Push fish chunks onto the pin, hook

Kodex – Deadbait Sticks

When inserted into deadbaits, these high-buoyancy sticks will make them sit up on bottom, making your bait look more realistic

PikePro – Bait Elastic

There is nothing worse than missing a take because the treble has detached from the bait during the cast Equally