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Fox Predator – Bait Poppers

Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing over weed Their bright

Fox Predator – Crimps

Our crimps have been specifically designed to be used with our new 49-Strand Steel Wire When used with our crimping

Fox Predator – Deadbait Oil Kit & Air Kit

Injecting deadbaits with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the bottom, above

Fox Predator – Diamond Swivel Size 7

These swivels feature a tapered eye so that our trace crimp covers can slide over the top to help protect

Fox Predator – Floats Stops

Designed to give superior grip on braided and mono lines as a result of the increased surface contact area An

Fox Predator – Indicator Adapter Stem

Our Indicator Adapter Stems allow the angler to convert a buzz bar setup so that our drop off indicators can

Fox Predator – Kwik Change Trace Link Size 7

This type of link attaches your leader by simply twisting the connecting swivel onto it without opening it This makes

Fox Predator – Ledger Stems

Designed for ledgering situations where weed and other bottom debris can be a problem Rather than fitted with a plastic

Fox Predator – Powerpoint X Strong Trebles

These trebles are not only sticky sharp, but they also have the strength to go with it! If you require

Fox Predator – Quick Change Weights

Quick-change weights allow for instant adjustment when float fishing and eliminate the need to set up again from scratch They

Fox Predator – Rotary Uptrace Kit

We appreciate many anglers prefer to tie their own traces and that also applies to their uptraces Our kit provides

Fox Predator – Run Rings & Buffer Beads

These offer minimal resistance to predators when ledgering This dramatically reduces the number of dropped runs and converts more pick-ups