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Fox Rage – Pro Shad Natural Classics 2 – Loaded Lure

The legendary Fox Rage Pro Shad fully rigged and ready to fish right from the pack Come ready-rigged with belly-weighted

Fox Rage – Realistic Roach

A brilliantly life-like lure based on the ultimate prey fish, the roach, the new Realistic Roach Replicant delivers a highly

Fox Rage – Replicant Jointed UV

The original Replicant Jointed is back, bringing its perfect action in a range of classic colours  Original Replicant Jointed shape

Fox Rage – Replicant Perch

A brand-new member of the legendary Replicant range, the Replicant Perch sees the brilliant characteristics of one of the most

Fox Rage – Replicant Shallow UV

Hit the shallows and catch more with the original Replicant Shallow shape in classic colour options Original Replicant Shallow shape

Fox Rage – Replicant Trout

The Fox Rage Replicant family expands further with this incredible new addition – the Replicant Trout Featuring highly-realistic detailing, this

Fox Rage – Replicant Wobble

The next generation of this iconic lure, the new Replicant Wobble offers a range of upgrades to make it even

Fox Rage – Replicant Wobble UV

As well as the original colours. Replicant Wobble gets two new brilliant colours in UV across a range of sizes

Rapala – X-Rap Otus Lures

A formidable creature, the X-Rap Otus, combines Rapala’s fish-catching X-Rap construction with a beautifully color matched curl tail to create

Rapala – X-Rap Peto Lures

The Finnish Beast, X-Rap Peto, combines Rapala’s fish-catching X-Rap construction with a beautifully color matched soft tail to create a

Savage Gear – 3D Line Thru Pike

The perfect Jack Pike Imitation based on a 3D scan of a real Jack Pike, with incredible details and movement

Savage Gear – 3D Line Thru Roach

The Roach is the most important prey fish for many fresh water predator fish throughout the described territory and we