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Rapala – Mini Fat Rap Lure

For convincing finicky fish to bite, the tight swimming action is just right The sinking Mini Fat Rap works with

Rapala – Rippin Rap Lures

The Rippin’ Rap features a lipless, tall body profile designed to crank, swim and rip Hard vibrating action accented with

Rapala – Shad Dancer Lure

This multi-species balsa bait brings the excitement of the Rapala® Tail Dancer® to a shad profile Swimming with a silent,

Rapala – Shadow Rap Lure

Designed to perfectly mimic the last struggle of a dying minnow, the Shadow Rap® makes tight turns when twitched, turns

Rapala – Super Shadow Rap Lures

Opportunistic predators can’t deny the Super Shadow Rap® as it kicks hard to the side, and then slowly fades away

Rapala – Ultra Light Crank Lure

Designed to offer big action in a small package This ultra light finesse crank bait dives to over 2 meters

Rapala – Ultra Light Minnow Lure

When the bite is tough, downsizing to a smaller presentation can often tempt shut-down predators with an easy meal The

Rapala – X-Rap Haku Lures

True to its name, X-Rap® Haku – haku is Finnish for seek – is seeking trouble and ready to rumble

Rapala – X-Rap Jointed Lures

Savvy anglers turn to the X-Rap Jointed Shad when a slow presentation is key Built with all the premium qualities

Salmo – Executor Shallow Runner Lure

The Salmo EXECUTOR is a treat for the traditionalist lure angler The proven shape and flawless tail-side action are two

Salmo – Minnow Floating Lure

Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest lures in the Salmo family, a lot of anglers are

Salmo – Perch Floating Lure 8cm

The Salmo PERCH is a typical crankbait with a strong, aggressive action It is another Salmo classic that has lived