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Drennan – Float Stops

Float Stops avoid the risk of line damage and have a variety of uses They are ideal for trapping wagglers,

Drennan – Hair Stops

Hair Stops have a special dumbell shape that is designed to hold the hair loop securely in position. Having miniature

Drennan – Leger Stops – Standard

The classic Leger Stop is small, neat and as popular as ever. Simply pass the line through the collar and

Drennan – Method Connectors

These quick-change Drennan Method Connectors allow you to quickly change feeders and hooklengths. They are designed to go with the

Drennan – Natural Latex Pellet Bands

Natural Latex Pellet Bands are tough, durable and incredibly stretchy. Bait bands can be attached directly to the hook, fished

Drennan – Pushstops

Pushstops offer a much easier and quicker method for baiting up. The Range: Sweetcorn Yellow Clear Pellet Brown Features: Each

Drennan – Quick Change Beads

Quick Change Beads are precision made for a perfect fit. They enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also

Guru – Bait Bands

Supplied in packs of approximately 100, these bait bands provide the perfect solution to hair rigging very hard baits like

Guru – Hair Rig Speed Stops

Another product designed for ease and speed Working on the principle of a hair rig design, the speed stops eliminate

Guru – Inline Tail Rubbers

The In-Line Tail Rubbers are shaped to fit the Guru In-Line Pellet and Method feeders They help to streamline the

Guru – Line Stops

These durable rubber stops have a multitude of uses for float and feeder fishing They’re so tight that, once slid

Guru – Micro Hair Stops

These beautiful little stops have found quite a following already. They’re available in mixed packs that include brown, red and