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Guru – Rig Case XL

The XL Rig Case has been developed to allow people to carry large numbers of pre-tied hooklengths, all together in

Guru – Stealth Rig Case

Updated versions of the super popular original Rig Case! Allows anglers to store pre-tied hooklengths of various lengths. Two sizes

Leeda – Cantilever 2 Tray Tackle Box

Lightweight plastic 2 tray box with adjustable dividers and carry handle 290mm wide x 140mm high x 160mm deep

Drennan – Hook Book

The 6” (15cm) Drennan Hook Book is the most convenient way to store the comprehensive range of Drennan Pole Hooks

Drennan – Hook Box

The Drennan Hook Box is compact solution for storing of 4” (10cm), 5” (12.5cm) and 6” (15cm) hook lengths The

Guru – Adjustable Rig Case

Designed for anglers who take their fishing and prep seriously, allowing them to be super organised and versatile with their

Guru – Fusion Feeder Box

This unique system allows you to pick different insets to fine tune your storage system to your needs whilst protecting

Guru – Fusion Feeder Box Accessory

Available in: 4 Compartment 6 Compartment *Pictures are for illustration purposes only and does not include the contents

Guru – Rig Box

This compact rig-storage solution is just the thing for the angler who likes to be prepared. We know that you

Leeda – Cantilever 2 Tray Tackle Box – Deluxe

Lightweight polymer 2 tray box with carry handle 340mm wide x 190mm high x 170mm deep