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Middy – White Knuckle Thriller Pole 8m

The White Knuckle CX Thriller is a power-packed, 8 metre, fully take-apart carbon pole designed for bagging on carp lakes.

Middy – Xtreme M1 Margin Pole 4m

The Xtreme M1 is the perfect short super-strong 4m margin pole. It is constructed with full G-Pulse carbon and is

Drennan – Red Range Margin Carp Pole – 8m

The Drennan Red Range Margin Carp is a true-length 8m pole, super strong and ideal for battling with big fish

Guru – A Class Whip With Rig

These latest whips are designed for quick, efficient, and effective fishing, allowing young anglers, new anglers or people not wanting

Leeda – Concept GT Slip Power Pole – 7.5m

Super strong construction Elastic rating 20 2 pre-elasticated top kits included 1 x 14 and 1 x 20 solid elastic

Middy – Battlezone4 Elasticated Margin Whip 4m

This 4m telescopic Battlezone whip from Middy is super strong with an elastic rating of 24 and it comes ready-elasticated