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Drennan – Oval Blockend Maggot Feeder – Medium

The latest Oval Blockend Feeders are now made from a stronger plastic for improved longevity and feature a more streamlined,

Guru – Commercial Cage Feeder

The Commercial Cage Feeders are suitable for match and speciment anglers A key feature of this product is the shift

Guru – Hybrid Inline Feeder

This clever product is the brainchild of Guru-backed matchman Paul Holland He’d made initial prototypes from standard method feeder, building

Guru – Hybrid Pellet Feeder

Made from extra tough Hybrid material, these enable accurate bait and feed presentation, delivering a hook bait right on the

Guru – In-line Method Feeder

Traditionally, there was no particular science to hook bait placement within the method ball and your bait could even become

Guru – In-line Pellet Feeder

The Guru Pellet Feeder is a subtle tool that has a couple of key advantages over standard method feeders First

Guru – Method Feeder Clip

The Method Feeder Clip simply clips onto the hookbait plate of any of the Method feeders in the Guru range,

Guru – Multi Maggot Feeder

Aerodynamic weight forward design makes casting distances easy and enables anglers to be extra accurate Strategically placed holes for optimal

Guru – X Change Distance Feeders Cage

When you’re in the heat of an active, competitive match, with bites coming all along the bank, and every peg

Guru – X Change Distance Feeders Open End

When you’re assigned a peg that goes out over deep water, your reaction is likely to be mixed; deep water

Guru – X Change Spare Feeder / Bait Up Weights

Weighting your feeder enables you to get down to the bottom of your swim faster, engaging the interest of fish

Guru – X Change Window Feeder

Window feeders have really come to the forefront of feeder fishing in recent years across the whole of Europe. With