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ESP – Zig & Floater Mono Line 100m

This clear, semi-buoyant mono is ideal as a hook link for zig rig and floater fishing applications. Zig & Floater

ESP – Zig Bugs Damsel Nymph

Damsel Nymphs are prevalent through the spring and summer forming part of the carp’s natural larder ESP Zig bugs have

Fox – Bolt Bubble Float

Fishing for surface feeding carp can be frustrating at the best of times with standard controllers being either too visible

Fox – Edges Arma Point Hooks – Zig & Floater

It had to happen! Our Edges range of terminal tackle has taken the carping world by storm over the past

Fox – Edges Zig & Floater Hooklink

Features: Perfect hooklength material when fishing on the surface or with Zig Rigs New improved ultra-low visibility Trans Khaki colouration

Fox – Exocet Controller Float

Stubby shape designed to reduce diving on impact with water Features flat faces to increase the bolt effect and improve

Fox – Multi Chod & Zig Bin

Introducing a purpose-built storage solution for your Chod and Zig rigs, the Multi Chod & Zig Bin can also aid

Fox – Zig Aligna HD Foam

These innovative new range of Zig Alignas are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever.

Fox – Zig Aligna Loading Tools

Following the incredible success of the Zig Aligna’s since their launch we have been inundated with requests to sell the

Fox – Zig Aligna Sleeves

These innovative new range of Zig Aligna’s are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever.

Korda – Interceptor Controller Float

The range on Interceptor Controller Floats is designed to cover any surface fishing situation you might find yourself in, from

Korda – Zig Line

Our first dedicated zig and floater hook link is fine, supple and camouflaged everything you need to fool wary carp