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ESP – Mini Clips

Their small size and non-reflective finish andmake them ideal for a variety of neat unobtrusive terminal rigs They are ideal

ESP – Quick Change Uni Links

Perfect for the highly effective ‘Ronnie Rig’, the slight opening in the crook makes it easy to attach the hook

ESP – Rig Rings

Rig Rings are an essential element of a variety of rigs. These Rig Rings can be used to attach hook

ESP – Ronnie Clips and Tungsten Sleeves

Tied to the end of the hooklink boom, these clips are small and neat yet extremely strong and provide a

ESP – Slim Clips

Slim Clips are best used for attaching hooklinks with a loop at the end.  By depressing the clip between thumb

ESP – Uni Link Swivels High Performance

Hi-Performance Uni-Link Swivels are made in Japan to exacting standards. This ensures ultra smooth rotation and improves the performance of

Fox – Edges Flexi Ring Swivels

Flexi Ring Swivels are manufactured with a non reflective coating and feature barrels that rotate smoothly under tension. Available in

Fox – Edges Heavy Duty O Rings

Features: The perfect O ring to create chod / helicopter lead release systems. Finished in a non reflective matt black

Fox – Edges Kwik Change Heli Swivel Size 7

Perfect for use with Helicopter Rigs Can also be used to create Ronnie/Spinner rigs Makes changing rigs easy Anti-glare finish

Fox – Edges Kwik Change Hook Swivels

The ideal swivel for ‘Ronnie/Spinner’ style rigs Large ring on the swivel gives improved movement Non reflective coating Smoothly rotating

Fox – Edges Kwik Change Mini Hook Swivel

The perfect swivel for ‘Ronnie/Spinner’ style rigs Small size 11 swivel keeps hook setup neat and compact Non reflective coating

Fox – Edges Kwik Change O Ring Swivels

Non reflective, smoothly rotating swivels designed for use with stiff hooklinks to aid rig movement and help them sit correctly