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Fox – Edges Tungsten Rig Putty

Power Grip Tungsten Rig Putty can be easily moulded in all weather conditions and hardens enough to withstand extreme casting

Korda – Sinkers Tungsten Hooklink Weights

A compact tungsten-rubber weight, designed to slide onto your hook link and pin it to the lake bed Moistening the

ESP – Tungsten Putty

Tungsten Putty provides all the key elements that make an excellent rig putty suitable for various applications. Optimum density means

Fox – Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers

Developed with as much Tungsten as possible for maximum density to help pin your hooklink to the lakebed for improved

Korda – Dark Matter Tungsten Rig Putty

The release of Dark Matter Tungsten Putty brings rig putty into a new era. Gone are the days when you

Thinking Anglers – Rig Putty

Heavy, pliable putty for counterbalancing pop-ups or moulding around your line to keep it pinned down Available in green, brown and grey