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ESP – Chod Rig Sleeves

These Chod Rig Sleeves are the first of their kind on the market, designed to be used in conjunction with

ESP – Helicopter Rig Sleeves

Helicopter Rig Sleeves act as a buffer bead and are ideal for covering the swivel holding the lead at the

ESP – Leadcore Stop Bead

Designed especially for helicopter rig setups and a perfect fit on ESP leadcore, these soft 5.5mm beads are housed on

ESP – Line Aligners

Line Aligners are designed to extend the hook shank at exactly the right angle With a perfect balance of rigidity

ESP – Marker Gum

ESP Marker Gum is the perfect material for tying stop knots on monofilament and braided main lines to maintain consistent

ESP – Rubber Shock Beads

These Rubber Shock Beads have a multitude of uses from creating helicopter and chod rigs to being used as a

ESP – Tungsten Balance Beads

Tungsten Loaded Balance Beads Designed as a very convenient alternative to tungsten putty, they provide a secure fit over the

ESP – Tungsten Loaded Beads 5mm

The trusty old ESP 5mm rubber beads have been a staple component for helicopter and chod set ups on leadcore

Fox – Edges Anti Tangle Sleeves Camo

Designed to kick the rig away from the lead setupand leader on the cast, reducing tangles. Features Edges Camo colouration

Fox – Edges Boilie Caps Clear

Discreet & buoyant bait stops Fit snugly against the curved surface of any boilie 120 Caps per pack

Fox – Edges Boilie Stops Clear

Versatile and economical hairstops available in clear. Discreet & buoyant bait stops Fit snugly against the curved surface of any

Fox – Edges Chod / Heli Buffer Sleeves Camo

Designed to protect the main line when playing fishon Naked Chod/Helicopter rigs. The tapered sleeve can be cut down for