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Fox – F Box Deluxe Single Large

The F-Box Deluxe Set is fully fitted with integral storage units which are designed to accommodate all formats of carp fishing

Fox – F Box Deluxe Single Medium

The F-Box Deluxe Set is fully fitted with integral storage units which are designed to accommodate all formats of carp

Fox – F Box Disc & Rig Box Double

Medium Part of a new innovative, interchangeable rig storage solution Comprises 1 x medium rig board and 1 x medium

Fox – F Box Large

The Large single sided F-Box is designed to maximise storage space and allows easy access to tackle components. The high

Fox – F Box Rig Box Lids x2

Low profile lids that are compatible with the F-Box Magnetic Medium / Large Rig Box Systems User simply detaches the

Fox – Multi Chod & Zig Bin

Introducing a purpose-built storage solution for your Chod and Zig rigs, the Multi Chod & Zig Bin can also aid

Fox – Zig Disc Storage System

Zig rig storage solution complete with 20 pins 5 x Removable foam disks Each disk stores 3 zig rigs in

Korda – Basix Tackle Box

The BASIX Tackle Box has been designed to offer plenty of storage space for all your rig bits, whilst making

Korda – Compartment Box – 9

A range of four Mini Compartment Boxes have been designed to fit perfectly within the Tackle Box but can also

Korda – Hook Safe Storage

The Hook Safe is the perfect storage solution to keep your hooks in perfect condition, especially if you’ve taken the

Korda – Leader Safe – Small

An innovative and smart way to store leaders Available in two sizes – Large stores six complete leaders, and the

Korda – Rigsafe Storage System – Chodsafe

The ChodSafe is the perfect storage system for any angler who uses chod rigs and allows them to be kept