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Fox – Compact 3000 Stove

Compact and durable gas stove Adjustable flame control Manual ignition Power: 10236 BTU (3000W) Weight: 220g Designed for use with

Fox – Cookware Windsheild XL

This larger version of our popular Windshield is designed for taller standing stoves, such as our new Canister Stove. It

Fox – Explorer Stove

Compact Stove that folds neatly to fit inside a Fox Kettle 3 Leg design with hosed connection to gas cannister

Fox – Heat Transfer 3200 Stove

Sturdy and durable gas stove Adjustable flame control Built-in Piezo ignition Power: 10919 BTU (3200W) Weight: 320g Designed for use

RidgeMonkey – Connect Combi and Steamer Set

Why use a number of different pans when you can cook a whole meal in just one? Featuring a traditional

RidgeMonkey – Connect Compact Toaster

The best just got even better!! Super compact, lightweight design featuring a unique detachable hinge system that allows the pans

RidgeMonkey – Grilla BBQ Hotplate

The Grilla BBQ Hotplate offers the ability to prepare more culinary delights than ever, converting the Grilla BBQ in to