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Fox – Rangemaster Method Spare Method Pouch & x2 Connectors

Rangemaster Method Spare Method Pouch & x2 Connectors for the Fox Rangemaster Catapult

Korda – Eazi Throwing Stick

If you want to spread boilies over a wider area than you can achieve with a spod, and are fishing

Korda – Infuza

The Infuza has been designed specifically for glugging hookbaits and has some features which make it far better than adding

Korda – Katapult

The incredibly popular Katapult has been re-designed to make it even better than before, and a new even lighter version

Korda – Krusha

Crushed bait is a great addition to any PVA bag or spod mix As it releases flavour faster and also

ESP – Boilie Pult

The Boilie Pult is as the name suggests a catapult designed for feeding boilies at the maximum distance with tight grouping

ESP – Mega Pult

The Mega Pult is as the name suggests a large pouched catapult designed for feeding large quantities of boilies with

ESP – Particle Pult

The Particle Pult is designed to deliver large quantities of particle baits, pellets and boilies quickly and efficiently This Particle

ESP – Spare Catapult Pouches

Spare pouches designed to fit all ESP catapults Boilie Pult: Special cone shape helps keep boilies tightly grouped Eliminates 90%

ESP – Twin Walled Latex Tube

This replacement Twin Walled Latex Tube fits all ESP catapults Short or over-powered catapult elastics accelerate the bait load too

Fox – Rangemaster Carbon Throwing Stick – 20mm

Lightweight and durable carbon construction Loading port above the grip Oval-shape handle section One piece design Understated cosmetics Protective case

Fox – Rangemaster Plastic Throwing Stick – 20mm

The perfect device for hurling your boilies out onto the lake when the fish are feeding just out of reach.