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ESP – 3 Rod Quiver & Sleeve Camo

A lightweight quiver system for three rods, umbrella, net and bank sticks The 3 Rod Quiver comes as a pair

ESP – Anchor Braid

A special combination of woven heavyweight and Dyneema fibres make this braid incredibly dense and supple whilst offering excellent knot strength

ESP – Bait Screws – Plastic

These plastic Bait Screws are moulded in a tough, lightweight polymer and are ideal for pop-ups and wafters. The added

ESP – Balance Beads

Tungsten Loaded Balance Beads Designed as a very convenient alternative to tungsten putty, they provide a secure fit over the

ESP – Barrel Bobbins

The highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite indication in most carp fishing situations. All

ESP – Barrel Bobbins – Metal Head

For long-range specialists, there is also a stainless Metal Head Barrel Bobbin. The Metal Head Barrel Bobbin interchanges with the

ESP – Camo Bits Bag

The ESP Bits Bag is ideal for storing a wide range of terminal tackle and is an excellent alternative to

ESP – Camo Compact Carryall 35L

Camo Compact Carryall 35 litre For the travelling light, short session/overnight angler, the medium Carryall is a perfect size Although

ESP – Camo Flat Mat Unhooking Mat

A lightweight mat providing excellent protection to heavyweight carp! Features: 50mm thick luxurious foam base Camo retaining cover secured with

ESP – Camo Sink Link

Camo Sink Link is a super strong, soft un-coated braided hook link material which takes camouflage to the next level

ESP – Chod Rig Sleeves

These Chod Rig Sleeves are the first of their kind on the market, designed to be used in conjunction with

ESP – Cool Bag Camo XL

Excellent insulation properties and enough room for plenty of food or bait The Cool Bags are made from a tough