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Proper Carp Baits – Corn Kernels Pop Ups

A range of specialised pop ups available in 3 all time classic colours and flavours Can also be used as

Sticky Baits – The Krill Floaters 3kg

Thanks to a unique coating process, which involves two individual layers, the Krill Floaters pulse out attraction and draw carp

Crafty Catcher – Floater Pellets – 2kg

Crafty Catcher Particles are sourced direct from the country of origin and represent the very best quality available. Our unique

Mainline – Floating Supa Sweet Ziggers

Mainline’s Supa Sweet Ziggers are perfectly shaped, ultra-buoyant hookbaits, which as they’re name suggests have been designed as the perfect

Mainline – Toppers

Mainline Toppers are, as the name suggests buoyant hookbaits perfect for ‘topping’ off other hookbaits, although the versatility of these