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Bait-Tech – Deluxe Special G Liquid

The Special G Range in a liquid – things cannot get much better Our new range of liquids encompass all

Bait-Tech – Deluxe Liquid

Our new range of liquids encompass all what you need for a winning edge Our Deluxe liquid is designed to

Bait-Tech – Envy Method Mix

Envy Original & Envy Green This is the ultimate success story Made with Halibut Pellets and top quality Super Seed

Bait-Tech – Karma Method Mix 1kg

Take your Method fishing to the next level with the Method mix of all Method mixes! Karma is the new

Bait-Tech – Krill Pellets 900g

The best fish catching ingredient available in a pellet! These pellets are the evolution of science, fish care and quality

Bait-Tech – Special G Wafters

The Special G Range now has hookbaits in its portfolio Special G Dumbbell wafters are the go-to hookbaits on commercials

Bait-Tech – The Juice Dumbells

The Juice continues to be a massive success story wherever it goes and it seemed only right to use it

CC Moore – Liquid GLM Compound 500ml

With New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract being one of the most effective Carp and coarse fish attractants known to

CC Moore – Liquid Liver Compound 500ml

Liquid Liver Compound is an extremely attractive liquid food which contains pure natural liver extract derived from high quality poultry

CC Moore – Liquid Robin Red 500ml

This highly attractive, smoothly spiced liquid food is based on the famous bird food bait ingredient, Robin Red® which is

CC Moore – Live System Air Ball Pop Ups

These new Air ball pop ups are colour-matched, very buoyant and durable enough to withstand the unwanted attraction of nuisance

CC Moore – Live System Air Ball Wafters

15mm / 18mm Air Ball Wafters These critically balanced hookbaits are made from the same high quality base mix ingredients