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Spotted Fin – Betafin Betaine Pellets 900g

Our BetaFin pellets contain added betaine to help tempt wary fish into feeding Loaded with attractors and oils these pellets

Spotted Fin – Boosted Carp Pellets 900g

With a strong nutty flavour these pellets are perfect for spod mixes or PVA bags 3mm can be used on

Spotted Fin – Boosted Coarse Pellets 900g

These pellets are made with fishmeals and are highly attractive to a variety of species We have added a boosted

Spotted Fin – Boosted Krill Pellets 900g

A beautiful deep red coloured pellets. the 2mm great for the method and coated in Krill flavouring and boosted with

Spotted Fin – Catalyst Pellets 1kg

The Catalyst is a new active bait, built from new ideas, using the finest milk and hemp proteins with liquid

Spotted Fin – Commercial Groundbait 2kg

Following on from the success of the GO2 range of groundbaits, we’ve listened to customer feedback and have introduced two

Spotted Fin – GO2 Bait Sauce 250ml

Amino A liquid bait attractor designed for Carp and F1 fishing Built from fish proteins, liquid stimulators and attractors and

Spotted Fin – GO2 Expander Pellets

Our Go2 Expanders take on water well and their durability allows for for perfect hooking They have been labelled by many

Spotted Fin – GO2 F1 Booster Spray 50ml

Packed with the same attractors as the rest of the F1 range, but in form which is deigned to cling

Spotted Fin – GO2 F1 Liquid Food 250ml

A super sweet liquid which smells of peaches and cream, due to the fact it isn’t oil based it can

Spotted Fin – GO2 F1 Pellets 900g

Packed with lots of attractors and stimulants specifically designed to attract and hold F1’s in your swim These versatile 2mm

Spotted Fin – GO2 Hi Viz Fluoro Wafters

GO2 wafters are the perfect for use on methods, hybrids and bombs. With an element of buoyancy they negate the