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Spomb – Bait Dispenser

Mini Spomb This model complies with various fishing competition rules across the globe that often state that a baiting product

Spomb – Braided Shockleader 50lb

Incredibly strong braided shock leader material Dramatically reduces crack-offs when spodding Excellent knot strength  Ultra smooth  Neutral buoyancy  Recommended for

Spomb – Bucket Stand Kit

Compact all in one design that holds your bait bucket at the perfect height and saves you bending over to

Spomb – Double Rod Jacket 12ft

Holds 2 made up 12ft rods and big pit reels Ideal for transporting Spomb and Marker rods Side pocket for

Spomb – Floats

Designed to thread onto rear of Spomb Prevents Spomb from sinking, so they can be retrieved if your line breaks

Spomb – High Performance Spod Braid 20lb

Ultra long range spod braid Buoyant Floating Braid  Virtually no stretch Highly visible  Low diameter Superb knot strength Recommended for

Spomb – Midi Spomb X

Tried and trusted bait delivery devise that releases bait upon impact with the water Designed to cast even further than

Spomb – Pro Casting Gloves

Designed to protect the finger whilst casting Also helps grip the rod, especially useful when using wet spod mixes Full

Spomb – Square Bucket 17Ltr

Robust design with heavy duty metal handle Perfect for carrying your bait to and from a venue Square shape makes

Spomb – Towel

Spomb Branded hand towel 100% cotton 460gsm weight 700mm x 400mm