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Guru – 2.5m Commercial Match Keepnet

This is a lightweight, compact keepnet that is 2.5m long, with soft super-fine mesh to keep fish safe and calm

Guru – Aventus Charcoal Cap

The Aventus Cap was made to siut the modern angler The disign is for todays anglers tastes One size fits

Guru – Aventus Feeder Rod

10ft Feeder Rod The shortest rod in the Aventus range, and an incredibly popular length for all kinds of fishing.

Guru – Aventus Hoodie Grey

Grey Hoodie with orange draw string Aventus Logo Zipped Size S – XXXL

Guru – Aventus Reel

The Aventus reels have been designed and built for maximum performance and durability, for the serious angler In sizes 3000

Guru – Aventus Waggler Rod

11ft Float Rod A crisp through-action rod that can handle everything you can throw at it! Made to the specifications

Guru – Bait Band / Pellet Waggler Hair Rigs

Bait bands are vital when fishing with pellets, which is standard tactics on commercial waters As such, our ready rigs

Guru – Bait Bands

Supplied in packs of approximately 100, these bait bands provide the perfect solution to hair rigging very hard baits like

Guru – Bait Bayonets

Our Bait Bayonets make changing tough boilie or artificial hook baits quicker than ever. They’re a simple, twisted metal spike

Guru – Bait Box

You can’t reinvent a bait box,” Adam Rooney explains, “However, we all use bait boxes and as the Guru band

Guru – Bait Punches

4 Sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm Stainless steel punches Ultra-sharp for a neat cut Plunger in the handle for

Guru – Bait Strainer

This is a bait preparation, storage and drainage aid that fit neatly inside Guru Bait Boxes. These are perfect for