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Dinsmores – Arrow Point Bank Sticks

Available in sizes: 12in 16in 30in

Dinsmores – Arrow Point Telescopic Bank Stick

Available in sizes: 12in x 12in 16in x 16in 24in x 24in 48in x 48in

Dinsmores – Bait Dropper

Ideal for feeding loose baits such as maggots, casters, sweetcorn, hemp, pellets and worms Its main advantage is that it

Dinsmores – Ball Legers

Available in: 4g 6g 10g 12g 15g 20g 30g 35g

Dinsmores – Cork Plummets

Available in: 7g Clip on 14g Cork 22g Cork

Dinsmores – Float Landing Net

Landing net with a foam rim Available in: 22in (56cm) 24in (60cm)

Dinsmores – Super Soft Shot Compartment

Compartment 7 Square – SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6, No8 Compartment 5 Square – AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6